Rebble Subscription

So you started using Rebble Web Services, but want to add the paid plan for Weather and Dictation services? Here are a few things to consider before subscribing:

  • On iOS, replying to sms messages isn’t possible. This is a limitation imposed by Apple - dictation will not add spoken replies to text messages. It will still work for apps that use dictation for other purposes.

  • Weather services is solely for the native Pebble weather app and for weather info in Timeline. Watchfaces and 3rd party apps that offer weather info, have their own means to fetch weather info. You don’t need the Rebble paid plan for them.

  • Payments are handled by Stripe, which only offers payment by credit card.

  • You can pay monthly and cancel anytime, or pay yearly and get one month free.

What you do get is:

  • Dictation support for apps, and replying to messages (including SMS on Android).

  • Weather info on the built-in weather app, and Timeline

  • A faster (30 minute) Timeline sync period, compared to the default of 3 hours.

  • A warm fuzzy feeling for supporting the project <3

If you wish to setup a Rebble subscription, click here for a step-by-step guide