Weather or Dictation is unavailable

Dictation and Weather for the Pebble weather app require a Rebble subscription.

If you think you have a subscription but these features still aren’t working, press next.

Check your account

First, visit and look at the line Voice / Weather subscription.

If it displays ‘Active’, re-run the boot process.

If it displays ‘Expired’, the credit card used while subscribing might be invalid. You can simply subscribe again to fix this issue.

If it displays ‘Not Active’, you might be signed in with a different account than when you first subscribed.
Log out, and sign in at Rebble with the right account. Then, check your account and payment info again.

If you start a new subscription, you should then re-run the boot process.

If you require further support, please contact The Rebble Alliance at, or ask on the Rebble Discord server. See ya there! :)